Stream 2 You

Stream To You Provides Streaming Media Solutions for Any Business or Organization, Modest to Huge

Stream To You is a streaming media company that develops precision technology packages to meet any business' or organization's needs. Stream To You provides to its partners digital video and audio archiving, on-demand streaming, live online streaming, and Internet development.

Using the latest in encoding and compression technologies, Stream To You is able to provide high-quality video and audio streams using significantly less bandwidth than most competitors. This vehicle is ideal for such diverse needs as video conferencing to digital audio tape libraries to live-event viewing. Our secure, dedicated and reliable servers and resident software provide the best in streaming media solutions without incurring abhorrent expense.

Edge-Serving Technology

Local last-mile networks are typically fast enough to deliver high-quality video. For that reason, if streaming media can be served from devices at the edge of the network - beyond the bottlenecks of origin servers, the public Internet, slow links to the central office, and other network delays - end users will typically enjoy good-quality presentations.