Stream 2 You

Why Stream?

Nearly 200 hundred million people have the ability to experience audio and video across the Internet. By assisting organizations and businesses to take advantage of the technology already in place, Stream To You can help bring the world to your world. Stream To You can help pull your target audience straight to you by harnessing the power of the Internet to present you.

Some of the many uses and advantages of video and audio streaming:

  • Video conferencing for business meetings, reducing travel expense and inconvenience
  • Seminar or concert audio and/or video - LIVE!
  • Increase learning sessions without travel or workflow disruption
  • Up to the minute news - AS IT HAPPENS
  • Archiving audio and video to boost powerful presentations; not just a snapshot
  • Enhanced telecommunicating
  • Let your corporate identity resonate to your viewer
  • Take a backseat to NONE of your competition through your marketing